The Helpless Principal!!

It was a kind of uncanny experience I encountered some days ago which I want to share with you guys i.e. netizens. It happened with me in exam room where I am usually the last person to enter.

The Exam was of PP (Not what you think: p). I didn’t study for it (yeh, it’s too boring related to workshop procedure). It’s a fucking theory subject where University tests that how much pages a student can fill regardless quality of content.

I am good in writing precisely point to point but not good at what university wants to see in those answer books. Sometimes I feel that I am studying “HOW-MUCH-FUCK-CAN-YOU-WRITE” Course. Some of you guys might feel the way I do (If yes, please let me know that).

Oh sorry guys, it seems I am deviated from the subject, so I was talking about the helpless principal; right!
I want to confess something – I really do not know whether The Man I am talking about is really the principle or what.” You can curse me for my lack of knowledge (college administration).

After filling dozen of pages, I was fantasizing about something (man stuff) and at the same time the Man who I thoght is principal(was dressed like one),entered in class, we stared at each other eyes for some micro Seconds. Although It was not his fault to think that I was a cheater, but who cares I am writing my own version of story (He can do if he wants to). So he spoke to me directly from some distance “Kya Huaa Kharre Nahi Fase”, as my sixth sense activates in such condition… I quickly understood it was meant for me. I didn’t have anything with me that day(:}) and bonus with that I was feeling like fucked up. So I challenge him. I put my pen on desk and changed my posture from shy student to a typical Indorian dude.

He came next to me and start checking my pockets. I stopped him and shouted “I will takeout everything by myself”. The exam room came to standstill and whole attention was directed towards us.
(I think everyone was damn sure I had kharre with me, but they didn’t know)
I took out dozen of coins from my pocket and some dispersed in floor, girls started smiling they must have been thinking that this dude must be coming from Sarvate stand, But who cares for what attractive girls smiles for, it is itself an achievement to make them smile.

He didn’t found anything objectionable in my pocket but due to my posture and the way I spoke, He directed one of his assistant to check me again in Boys Common room.

I again challenged him back “I will not let anyone to check me except you.”(With a very damdaar voice). He was aghast to hear that. His posture became disappointed and helpless due to my way of speaking. He directed me to towards my seat in a low voice and I obeyed him like a good student.

P.S. – This post is seventy five percent fiction. It occurred recently with me/my friend, either you can believe.
Please do not take it as an offense especially the man who I think is the principle. :]
TIP to Invigilators – Beware from naughty students.


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