Kya chori karna apraadh hai?*

*(If you happen to be an aam aadmi.)

Quite of you must be wondering that stealing is always been a crime since inception of human society then why I am questioning it?

I am doing so Bcoz—

In ancient times when someone tried to steal tiger’s food or any animal’s prey he was eventually punished by that animal. The usual punishment was getting killed by the animal or the stealer eventually becomes their food starter…But that was THE ANCIENT (UNCIVILIZED) TIME!

Now we are in Nayaa Jamana (Modern Time)…Junglee animals are on the verge of extinction (to be specific -due to decimation) and some of them are kept in Zoo’s or national parks for amusement of newer generations. But it seems their behavior is still kept in practice by fellow humans (or may be… by us??).

I have read many times in newspaper or saw in National television that how mob dealt out merciless justice on the streets, in full public view. Their excuse is that they steal things and are harming or creating imbalance in our society. So they will punish (kill) them to set an example for rest of others.

I am not justifying thefts but people should take humanitarian perspective before taking any step. Although I know that we are not the usual offenders(to beat mercilessly) and this sort of action would keep go on unless the daily wagers (people who are at the bottom of society) are taught to behave(law)!!

What is it that makes perfectly normal people who have just woken up in the morning suddenly get together and kill a person suspected of having committed a minor theft? It is their anger which makes them; isn’t it? Daily wagers are majority in aam public of Indian society and are the most ignored. They are full of anger towards the sarkaar, policymakers, bhrasht netas or for other reasons. And for them the suspect becomes a mere object of releasing their anger and for others….It’s just fun (remember scene from Golmaal-3).

They punish kamjor aadmi with no constitutional rights and when it comes to big people their answer is…….”Ye to sarkaar ka kaam hai, ham kya kar sakte hain!!!”*

Moral of the story- Only the poor in India are punished for theft. And the punishment they get is swift and brutal.
*Which is also a universal Indian answer .


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