Worshippers of Ram,followers of Ravan !

The World welcomes the flamboyant Ravan, admires it, praise it, and acknowledge it, but what about Maryadapurushottam Ram, Raghupati Ram, The God (with capital G) of millions of people around the world. He is just worshiped only to fulfill respective wishes of ours. Isn’t it?

Ravan is only despised in the epic but in real life he is the one, we really acclaim. We are the society which worships Maryadapurushottam Ram but praises the Lankapati Ravan. People of today’s age are the worshippers of Ram and the followers of Ravan.

Lankapati Ravan

Why are we so enchanted by Ravan? What does Ravan stand for? Contrary to general belief Ravan didn’t build the golden city of Lanka, it was built by his half-brother and treasurer of god’s wealth keeper Kuber, who he drove out from Lanka by force, and took over the kingdom of Lanka. He went around the world killing sages and raping women. Why? To establish his dominion – to generate fear. In other words to establish his monopoly. He tries to monopolize outer things as he is insecure from inside. He needs constant validation from the outer world, “The World”. So does most of the people nowadays. We burn his effigy every year but retain his methods, isn’t it?

Whereas Ram is content from inside he doesn’t require any validation from “The World”. That’s why he is worshiped and Ravan is not, who was the richest person in that time, even the poorest person during his reign used to eat in plates of gold, but in spite of this epic rejected him. The wisdom of epic doesn’t value someone’s possession, wealth but it values the righteous conduct and love. That’s why Ram happily accepted Shabari’s Ber, whereas Laxman became angry at her for offering his elderly brother refused Ber. Ram understands her world which is full of love, which Laxman couldn’t.

Maryadapurushottam Ram

Raghupati Ram

Ram, by comparison, seems boring – a rule-upholder who never does anything spontaneous or dramatic. He always does the right thing, whether he likes it or not, and does not seem like much fun. Whereas the Ravan is the exciting character, he takes what he wants either by invoking any god or by strength. Ravan lives only for himself. His pleasure matters him the most, so does most of us. Everyone wants from “The World” to fill their inner vacuum by asking or by deceit. They live in the illusion that one day it will fill and they would be satisfied. But no one thinks that Ravan’s tendency (which is most of the people’s) from taking forcefully from this world made him the object of divine wrath. He kidnapped Sita to place himself in the heart of faithful women by showing her, his material opulence’s and sexual prowess. But his tendency made him the object of divine wrath.

It’s interesting, why Lord Ram is called “Maryadapurushottam” instead “Ayodhya Naresh” and Ravan “Lankapati”. Both words are very significant. Ravan belongs to a place called Lanka. Whereas Ram does not belong to any place, metaphysically. He is Maryadapurushottam, who has conquered and constrained the self. He doesn’t need any material opulence for his validation. Whereas Ravan belongs to a place called Lanka, where he is worshiped and respected. But outside Lanka he has no value; he is only a mere Rakshas like others. If we carefully observe Ravan, he behaved like a dog, because it is dog that makes territory in human world and follows ”Jangle Raj.”

We feed dogs by making different dishes and buying pedigree for them, but for the innocent, milk giving cow , we feed her with leftovers. It implies that we are dog’s society, where we love people who accept our dominion and condemns those who don’t.

Ultimately, we burn the effigy of Ravan and practice his methods, Worship Lord Ram’s statue and condemn those who follow the path which was led by him; Aren’t we?

Hey Ram !


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