Why do we need society?

God created the nature. We created the society (actually many) but with different values. Nature and society both are averse and always in constant conflict with each other. Polyandry is acceptable in nature whereas in society, it depends from one to another. Societies are curbed by ethics, laws whereas nature is not bound by any.  Nature is Raw and society is made according to human behavior and requirements.

What was the need to create it? Who created it, certainly not gods. It was created by our ancestors and is been revising since its inception by us according to our different needs, comfort and behavior.Why this happens because, we evolve, from our survival instinct to socio-productive skills.  It is the later skill which separates us from animals up to an extent because in nature there is only one truth- survive or die. The line between society and nature is very subtle. Without nature there is no society, hence they are byproduct of nature.

The prominent belief behind creating it is to make a shift from our animalistic behavior to something better because we are endowed with imagination, we can think of something better and create it. Animals are bound with their survival instinct whereas humans have the capacity to outgrow them and create a better world. A world free from food scarcity and violence, A world with enough food, love and equal opportunities for everyone. This led to the formation of society where we are living today and getting (some) benefit of it. Nature is very raw and cruel, every life has to compete against it only for mere survival from birth to death, and on the other hand, humans have the advantage, so that they can think of something above then survival and make the world a better place than today. In nature a wounded animal cannot expect mercy and compassion from hyenas but in society it is sought and expected from fellow humans.

The real question is, are we creating and maintaining what our forefathers imagined?

Law of Jungle

By seeing present situations, it makes me to question, because we are now creating and molding our societies based on cast, greed and hatred. They are no longer socio-productive, they have become animalistic. At a time of creation, our ancestors had a belief that every human would get equal opportunity.

Ask yourself –  

1-Is it happening or we are going back to the age where only “might is right”?

2-Are we still the so called human society ?

P.S. – Thanks to “Indiblogger” for including me in your fraternity. It is a privilege!!


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5 responses to “Why do we need society?

  • Dhruva Mathur

    An interesting read I must say. Well written.

  • Ritika

    Yes we are just maintaing what our forefathers created
    People need to expand their think and have a broader perspective about things. :/

    PS: Glad to see another blogger from Indore 😀

  • Kriti

    Today we give respect to only those who are in power, who have money or could help us through our work. Why don’t we respect other person because he is also a human being like us? If somebody is holding a good position in society even if he has no character everybody respect him talk to him laugh with him. Is society all about getting power and paying no attention to moral values, humanity , character? if this society structure , which i feel is a crap , is so strong then why do people hate each other, kill each other? Everyone is wearing a mask something outside something else inside. People commit suicide only because they think what society will think about them. What they don’t know is society never gives a damn.
    If you are doing something people will ask why are you doing ? If you are doing nothing society will ask why are you not doing ? Total crap.
    My thoughts may seem kiddish because i am not an experienced wise person but that’s all i have observed.

  • Kriti

    If i will have to choose between society and nature i will choose nature. Everything is raw in nature unlike society.

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